Week 2: Subby at work!

This entry will be a little short because of a prevailing theme that is really coming into my world and that is: recognition through the clutter.

The idea for this post is this: when I am not thinking about nor actively looking for blue rectangles or red circles, I pick more of them up and my linking is far greater than if I actively look for the shapes. I even noticed early last week that I was consciously looking for some and later in the same day, noticed one I hadn’t seen when I was trying to actually see one!

Though each reading of scroll one seems to give me a new insight, this notion of setting an intention (blue rectangle = do your chore = you did your chore = you accomplished your desire) and letting it go is something I’m trying to nourish and as such, is how I will be ending this post!


Week 1: Erasing Fears

After The Master Key part one, my mind began soaring in thoughts as to what my initial DMP would contain. But, I noticed the ‘wrong kind of peptides’ already at play…the old blueprint was already letting intentions be overrun by fixed ideas, patterns of fear (of which I love the definition: False Evidence Appearing Real) and the like. But I pushed through and realized so many others have already done, or are doing, what I want to do that the notion I couldn’t was completely false. Though that notion is somewhat like hedging a bet (if they can I can) by the time I had put together the first draft of my DMP, I was actually more conscious of not putting down a million things because I didn’t want to sound greedy…meaning, I want it all and will have it all!

Much different mindset by end of day then how the day started!